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2130 Leavenworth Street: The Anti-Loft Loft

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Around Curbed H.Q, we look at a lot of lofts and "loft-like" units; they tend to fall into the modern/contemporary category and are usually found in SoMa, along with everything else branded as cool/"edgy"/expensive. Buyers, there are other options, you know: if you dream of loft living, but loathe SoMa and exposed concrete, 2130 Leavenworth Street #11 just might be for you. Value adds include a vaulted ceiling, lofted sleeping area, more traditional detailing and an updated kitchen — although for the sake of an open plan, it might be best to give it another overhaul...with a sledgehammer. The square footage noticeably unlisted, but the price sounds right at $549,000.
· 2130 Leavenworth #11 [MLS]