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New Blog Alert: Craigslist (Impersonators) Join the 'Sphere

Longtime hold out Craigslist just (as in, right now) launched a blog of its very own. Fans of Craigslist— repeat: fans, as in NOT Craigslist itself— have started a blog ABOUT Craigslist. An unaffiliated blog. (No, we don't read the fine print at the bottom of our credit card statements, either.)

Crisis averted: Each day will be a new "best of" episode, as a team of bloggers combs the Craig for desperate singles, pervy nurses, and the sundry other moments of human glory that make Craigslist what it is: A national fucking-A treasure. As for the real estate section, may we direct you to one Mr. Agent Gavin Coombs? Brother never fails to entertain.
· Craigslist Blog [website]