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Architecture Watch: Hadid's Chanel Pavilion to Travel Stateside

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In Architecture Watch, Curbed SF expands its worldview to new structures across the globe. Projects of note should be directed accordingly.

Billed as a celebration of Coco Chanel's work (we'll leave that one for the comment box) Zaha Hadid's Chanel Pavilion is a modular, portable steel structure designed as an art exhibition space. Mobile Art is a traveling program founded by Gabrielle Chanel, marrying Hadid's design to the work of contemporary artists exhibited inside. Curated by Fabrice Bousteau (of Beaux Arts Mag fame) the Mobile Art exhibition is a no-joke affair featuring the work of well known entities such as Daniel Buren, Nobuyoshi Araki, Pierre & Gilles, and Sophie Calle— the list goes on, and also includes more up-and-coming names. (We heart the contemporary art.)

Forged to withstand worldwide travel (stops include Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, Moscow, London and Paris) the Chanel Pavilion is designed for easy take down; it requires less than a week to re-assemble. Additional features include a exterior skin designed to reflect variously colored lights installed beneath the building, allowing it to be illuminated according to the needs of individual projects and events. Society of the Spectacle, hell yes.
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