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Drama on the Dance Floor: Castro Clubgoers Incite NIMBYs

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Revelers at the Cafe, a popular Castro nightclub at 2369 Market Street, are causing quite a riot in the nabe— In a couple of days, the club will go before the Planning Commission in an attempt to expand the number of nights (currently at four) it is permitted to host dancing and karaoke parties. Extra bonus plans: a three-story building built out back in order to house a take out resto— not a fast food joint, the management insists— and expanded restroom facilities and increased accessibility for handicapped individuals (P.C. points: scored, or ADA violation: revealed?) Naturally, some of the neighbors are hellbent against such plans, objecting to the following party fouls: Monday night hip-hop parties, open windows (i.e. lack of soundproofing), vomiting, urinating, and defecating in public, as well as screaming, and fighting. (And here everyone blames SoMa and the Tenderloin... ) Now to be fair, the Cafe isn't the only rowdy bar in the area (obvs!). Some neighbors are defending the club, insisting that much has been done to quell the rowdiness. Drama, drama, drama.
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[Image courtesy BAR; photog: Rick Gerharter]