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The Haight Rolls Over? New Restos En Route

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Well, it look like somebody's getting along in the Haight. Despite the long-ongoing tussle between the Haight Ashbury Improvement Association and the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council over the Whole Foods market planned for the former Cala Foods building, planning commissioners have agreed to amend the nabe's longstanding restaurant moratorium (for the third time in eight months, no less). Up to four— four!— new restos may open on the six block of Haight Street east of the park, and all of them— all of them!— will have a liquor license. McDonalds needs a friend, restaurateurs. And The Alembic needs some competition. As for the rest of us— well, the rest of us just want a few good reasons not to gorge ourselves with motor oil-slick pizza and cheap beer. Plus, those poor punkafarian kids need jobs— those trust funds do run out at some point, you know.
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Whole Foods

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