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CurbedWire: Four-Alarm Fire on Valencia and 25th

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This is the current scene at Valencia Street, between 25th and 26th Streets; In case you missed the memo, a substantial— nay, a pretty damn huge— fire has been burning there for a few hours. The deets are still emerging, but we know that the blaze has decimated 40 units in 2 buildings thus far, all residential. No injuries reported, save one firefighter who was shipped off to the hospital after suffering from smoke inhalation. The crowd on the street is remaining fairly calm, our on-the-ground watchdog reports, despite the St. Paddy's revelry that will inevitably swallow the Mission right up tonight, fire be damned. (Confidential to the natty young man carrying the bouquet: Remember what we talked about— a massive fire is fine conversation starter on a first date. Especially when everyone escaped. Relax.) Witnesses are welcomed to spin tales in the comments; photogs, off to the Flickr pool you go.
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