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Curbed National: Construction Galore!

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We do have sites in LA and NYC, you know— Curbed National travels to lands far away, taking a very visual look at architecture and design developments along the way.

1) In LA, architect Richard Meier's green condo development at 9900 Wilshire Boulevard is now before the Berkeley Hills Beverly Hills City Council. Opposition is expected— sound familiar?

2) On the other coast, the model for architect Fumihiko Maki's 13-story project for 51 Astor Place is out— note conspicuous black granite and "ribbing material". In more urgent news, Cooper Union students can expect to lose not only the engineering building, but a Starbucks, too.

3) Finally, World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein has announced that construction is set to begin on architect Richard Rogers's tower 3 and Fumihiko Maki's tower 4 this coming week. Breath: bated.


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