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Eater Tastings: San Francisco Rocks Top Chef and More

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1) Four "chefgasms" for SF! Local chefs Ryan (Myth Cafe), Jennifer (Coco500), Erik (Circa) and Zoi stormed Wednesday's premiere of Top Chef with a vengance. Ryan and Erik survived.

2) The Eater Plywood Patrol caught sight of The Sentinel, the latest effort of Canteen's Dennis Leary. House of Shields, we officially forgive you for closing the kitchen.

3) Yelp "Elite" have stepped it up a notch, outright demanding freebies in exchange for favorable reviews. Forget about happy hour— let's try amateur hour instead.

4) Perry's Downtown is planning an end-of-march move to 155 Stuart Street, current home of Faz. Benevolent Eater hasn't placed Faz on Death Watch. Yet.