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Bad Vibrations: Western Nabes Object to Trees?

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In 2005, The mayor launched his Trees for Tomorrow campaign, designed to beautify every neighborhood in the city with newly planted trees in lieu of sidewalk tiles and asphalt. Sounds great, right? An entire municipal office designed to green your block and make that trudge to work all the more enjoyable. Naturally, some people are taking issue with the plan; the complaints mostly stem from the west side of the city, where residents really aren't vibing on these trees. They claim that it disrupts the Feng Shui of their nabe. (Non new-agey types, hold your groans.) Apparently a tree in front of your house can block your chi. Or can it? Some people think the objections stem from laziness, and that the Feng Shui argument is an easy way out for people who don't want to care for a tree on their property. Very tricky, western SF. Using Eastern mysticism to watch a Tivo'ed episode of American Idol instead of taking 10 minutes to water a plant. No matter— Trees for Tomorrow have the lofty goal of planting 5,000 trees in the city each year, chi be damned.
· Sunset Trees Mess with the Neighborhood's Feng Shui [SF Weekly]

[Image via Instructables blog on "How to get a tree on your block in San Francisco"]