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A Tale of Two Condos: Logic Defied at 1920 Ocean Avenue

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Update! Just over a month ago, we took a look at 1920 Ocean Avenue. To recap: Exhibit A was 3G, a unit that had been upgraded, staged, and photographed to within an inch of its life. Oh, and remember that built-in espresso machine? Asking price: $555,000. Exhibit B was 3A, a unit that hadn't clearly hadn't seen a designer, stager, or photographer. Asking price: $499,000. Which unit would go first, we wondered? Unit 3A is off the market, hopefully in the hands of a loving new owner who will immediately replace that industrial carpeting. Sadly, big brother 3G continues to languish there despite a recent $16,000 price chop. Memo to sellers: choose your value adds wisely.
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