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Development Watch: 8 Washington Street, Take Deux

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8 Washington Street is back in the ring following a brutal first round knock out by the venerated Board of Supes in 2004; the initial proposal called for an 84 foot high, 102-unit building at the corner at the site of the Golden Gate Tennis & Swim Club. Objections? What else but the building's height (and the loss of the southern end of the club). Brace, rezzies— your bitching's about to pay off: if passed, plan deux will plop two 84-foot buildings and 107 units (34 affordable) along the same southern spot, and colonize the adjacent 27,000 square foot parking lot.

Developer San Francisco Waterfront Partners (of Piers 1, 3, and 5 rehab fame) is commandeering the project, as they have the rights to purchase the property. New development schemes have arrived; there's even a backup plan in place for the Port-owned parking lot should the city re-reject the plan for the club site. SWL 337 soon-to-be losers, gather your crayons and construction paper: the Port Commission will seek proposals from those interested in taking a crack at the lot. The neighbors are taping their knuckles: the Friends of Golden Gateway group is "still researching" the new plans, but a backlash against proposed commercial condos is all but guaranteed. No kidding.
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Quoth the developers:

"The 8 Washington Street project builds on the momentum of improvements to the central and northern waterfront that began after the removal of the Embarcadero Freeway. Surface and over water parking will be relocated underground while residential housing, public open space, recreation and retail will be added in its place. Nearly two-thirds of the land in the proposed plan is dedicated to recreation and open space."

Proposed Features

Green open space:
· Two thirds of the project’s ground floor area dedicated to recreational and open space
· New outdoor public green space added
· Jackson Street connected to the waterfront with views opened
· Improved safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and public transit riders

Restaurants, cafes and retail shops:
· Street level retail and restaurants added
· Enhanced streetscape
· Improved neighborhood vitality and safety

More housing, including affordable units:
· Provides approximately 170 residential housing units and allows for the creation of approximately 34 affordable housing units

More parking, less congestion:
· Unsightly surface and over water parking replaced with underground parking
· Additional, more accessible parking provided for visitors to the Farmer’s Market, Ferry Building and waterfront businesses
· Improved traffic flow on The Embarcadero and neighborhood streets
· Enhanced streetscape
· Secure parking for bicycles and car share

Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club:
· Ensures the sustainablity of the Club as a neighborhood amenity
· Improves the fitness and swim facilities
· Maintains children's programs