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Nabes Debriefed on New Transbay Terminal

The new Transbay Transit Center (full rendering reveal from earlier this week) was the topic du jour at yesterday's District 2 community meeting, where it was stated that the purpose behind the tower was to create a "safe, convenient, efficient and seamless" hub for its nine different transit systems. That, and to build a terminal that doesn't always smell like piss. The 1,200 foot height of the Pelli Clarke Pelli-designed tower proved another hot topic, prompting one supervisor to assure the attendees that a Vancouver-type plan was being implemented (read: expect tall, thin buildings surrounded by open space, mounted police officers, extreme politeness, and a drinking age of 19).

Oh, and concerning that paltry $3.6 BILLION project budgeted, $2.1 billion has already been raised with further revenue potentially provided by increasing bridge tolls. That's the bad news. The good news? The budged has been "escalated to the year of expenditure," which means that it really shouldn't rise past that $3.6 billion mark. Sure thing. Right-o.
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[Image via Pelli Clarke Pelli]

Transbay Tower

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