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Housing Developments Reborn As City Grows Denser

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We're got a definite limit on land here in the Bay Area, so it's by necessity that the city's growing increasingly dense. But increasingly those changes aren't just happening in glitzy SoMa and Rincon Hill towers. Consider three San Francisco housing developments will be reborn as new, denser, more diverse communities designed to replace the existing housing units, as well as create new market-rate housing. The three projects—Sunnydale in Visitacion Valley, the Potrero Terrace-Potrero Annex complex on Potrero Hill, and Westside Courts in the Western Addition—signify another bit of progress for the mayor's Hope SF initiative, launched to rebuild the city's most downtrodden housing developments.

One problem: reconstruction calls for the displacement of several years for current inhabitants, who might just decide to pack it in and leave the city. Another rub? Although the mayor promises community involvement, current tenants had no idea that a construction company had already been selected. Whoops. The city pays lip service by assuring the tenants that the construction companies will work closely with them from this point forward. Seriously. No, really. They mean it this time!
· 3 S.F. public housing areas getting rebuilt [SF Gate]