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Architecture Watch: Libeskind Doing His Thing in Hong Kong

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In Architecture Watch, Curbed SF expands its worldview to new structures across the globe. Projects of note should be directed accordingly.

On the boards for Daniel Libeskind, architect of San Francisco's Contemporary Jewish Museum, is the Creative Media Centre for the University of Hong Kong. Described on the architect's website as a "distinctive crystalline design" (distinctive, er, only if you've never seen another Libeskind building), the Media Centre will open in 2010 as the new home of the school's Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology. The enormous building also includes obligatory concessions to green design, with a small roof garden and public green spaces. Although definitely not without merit, this thing essentially looks like an exploded, out-of-proportion version of a... Daniel Libeskind Building. Looking at something like this, we're reminded of how lucky we are that Libeskind seems to be showing a bit of restraint with the CJM.
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