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Dogpatch Liberation Front Issues Call to Arms

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Thanks to the tipster who put this on our radar: the militant-sounding Dogpatch Liberation Front has a bone to pick with Cafe Cocomo. In what looks to be their first official blog entry, the DLF rails against the salsa-shaking hotspot for what appears to be a complete lack of parking security. Example? During a party last weekend, no less than 21 car windows ("a conservative count") were broken. Cocomo's promise of "free parking" apparently doesn't include the inevitable glass-replacement fee. Why's Cocomo to blame? Says the DLF'er:

How do I know all these cars belonged to Cocomo-goers? Because no one lives down here. Yet. Indiana is totally devoid of residences from 19th to 22nd. There were nine smashed windows between 20th and 22nd on that street alone.Ah, the joys of up-and-coming neighborhoods. Keep it safe out there, kids.
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