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On the Market: Claustrophobic at 200 Brannan

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We like the finishes, the exposed concrete gives the space a quasi-industrial loft-like feel, and the staging isn't half bad—but something's not quite right with this two-bedroom, two-bath unit at 200 Brannan Street (at Delancey). Although the 976 square feet of space seems quite respectable, something about this unit makes us feel claustrophobic. Yes, it's gotta be those low ceilings in the otherwise loft-like first floor. And things get even worse as one steps up into the bedroom. Is this just a trick with the photography or is the ceiling really that low? Any readers have a first-hand experience with the space? At $699,000, there really shouldn't be a height limit for a joint like this.
· 200 Brannan Street #425 [MLS]

200 Brannan

200 Brannan, San Francisco, CA