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Baby-Boomer Bubble Bursting Blows Our Fragile Minds

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Think the bubble's about to burst? You might be right, but there's another one on the horizon — a "generational housing bubble" — and like any good sequel, it's sure to be bigger and even more action-packed. Fueled by the same boomers who've help inflate this current bubble, the new one will rise when these one-time buyers are ready to sell... and there's no one ready to buy. It's just simple demographics: according to estimates, when boomers reach the age of 65—the typical age when sellers start to outnumber buyers—they'll also outnumber those in other demographics who should be ready to buy. One particular anonymous economist calls it "one of the worst forecasts in the history of mankind." The good news? Retirement states like Florida and Nevada won't be hit at the same time as the rest of the country. Wait...that's the good news?
· Aging Boomers could burst housing bubble [SF Gate]

[Image via Tom Noddy's Bubble Magic]