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Development du Jour: Market Square, Oakland

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Location: 585 9th Street, Oakland
Size: 83 units; 1, 2, 3-bedroom; 700-1230 square feet.
Prices: mid $300,000 to high $500,000's
Lowdown: Brave the bridge with us for a moment, as several of you have asked for the deets on the Market Square homes. This development is being marketed as an exercise in revitalization; with the imminent re-vamping of Jack London Square and resurgence of business and development in the area, "old Oakland" has been touted as an entirely new scene of late. Buy it? Prices like these may cause one to pause, at least. Nothing too lush in terms of amenities (read: no customized turn-down service a la SoMa Grand). We think you'll manage to tough it out the Zen courtyards, sauna and steam rooms, business center and conference room, and of course, roof deck and barbecue.
· Market Square Oakland [website]