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Greener Than Thou: East Bay Container (Green)house

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We've got a new toy! Forget the jump; for your viewing enjoyment, we now have the photo gallery seen below. Something catch your eye? Click, click, clickety, click-click away.

What better way to roll out a photo gallery than with a set of prefab porn? This East Bay container house was built by Leger Wanaselja Architecture. Cobbled together from 3 refrigerated shipping containers (instant insulstion!), the 1,300 square foot, 3-bedroom house boasts the usual (and sometimes dubious, as developments go) bevy of green stuff: wool carpeting, bamboo floors, "green" paint, brown cellulose insulation— and the use of solar tubes (qua?) as a means of harnessing energy. Ultimate green coup? The containers' doors were even re-purposed as retaining walls. Saints.
· PREFAB FRIDAY: Container House by Leger Wanaselja [Inhabitat]

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