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Berkeley Spins Wheels, Spends its 15 Minutes

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Let's bring this one around full circle and put it to bed: Berkeley city officials have given a new meaning the act of "spinning"— it's its not longer just a fitness craze, but a political strategy, too. Dropping from his knees to all-out prostration, Berkeley's Mayor Tom Bates has announced the city's intent to "reverse" it's statement on the presence of a Marine recruiting station on Shattuck Avenue following the GOP's threat to re-route millions' worth of city funding to the Marine Corp. in retribution. "I think we now certainly realize we went too far," quoth Bates in today's Oakland Tribune. The Republican's threat, a.k.a. the Semper Fi Act of 2008, is considered to have been a hollow one, its significance symbolic more than anything. (Read: they put the screws to Berkeley, and it worked.) No word on the nabe issue; Code Pinkers have been granted a designated parking spot outside of the Marine recruitment center, much to outrage of locals irritated by their incessant noise. Ok Berkeley, you've had your 15 minutes. Now back to San Francisco we go.
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