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Curbed National: Visonary Disasters, Lights

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New feature here, folks. We do have sites in LA and NYC, you know— Curbed National travels to lands far away, taking a very visual look at architecture and design developments along the way.

1) Curbed NY pawed through the rejection pile of hopefuls for the city's disaster housing design competition. Awesomeness was found at Studio Lindfors, who have proposed a fleet of post-apocalyptic Zeppelins because we're Americans, and we will rise above this terrorist bullshit. Literally.

2) A Curbed LA reader sent in this sneak preview of artist Chris Burden's "Urban Light" installation at LA's LACMA; the grand promenade of restored LA street lights will link the museum to the soon-to-be Broad Museum of Contemporary Art.

3) While we're in LA— the renderings are out for Greg Lind's rather angular cafe and pavilion, designed as part of the renovation at 5900 Wilshire Boulevard. And the crowd goes ... not so wild.