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Daly Invades Treasure Island, Too

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By now we're all well aware— ad nauseum, even— of Chris Daly's initiative at Hunters Point/ Candlestick Point (for the newly literate or otherwise disengaged, Supervisor Daly has launched a full-on political maneuver populist attack on the city/ Lennar Corp.'s proposed development project in the area.) Daly's grandstanding has not gone unnoticed. What has, however— or has been less fussed over, actually— is that Daly (and Lennar Corp.) are toeing the exact same line on Treasure Island, too. Currently under review, the Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Redevelopment Plan calls for 5,500 to 6,000 new housing units— 30% to be offered at market rate (400 to SF's formerly homeless, too, for the love of God.) Not enough— Daly & Associates wants their lucky number. Now.
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