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Google Builds Dirty, Claim Lunch Wielding Protesters

Google needs somewhere to stash its visiting execs, no doubt; they've been scheming over a four-star hotel near the Mountain View campus since September. But they're playin' dirty, those Google boys are: Word is that the company won't guarantee would-be hotel workers the right to choose union representation without company intimidation. What else to do then, but host a Marxist soiree on The Man's front lawn? One hundred workers and local rabblerousers swarmed the Google campus yesterday, staging a protest— and picnic— to make their demands known. As for Google, we doubt yesterday's fete will move them to enter talks on the subject. Sorry, people. Maybe they'll pencil you in for next year.
· Hotel workers stage protest at Google Headquarters [South Bay Indymedia]

[Still from protest footage courtesy South Bay Indymedia]

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