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Eater Tastings: Alice Gets Her Pears On

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Each Friday, we stumble across the finish line with Eater Tastings, the week-in-review report on our broham, Eater SF.

1) Alice Waters does Charlie Rose, brings own food on air. We snicker loudly.
2) Confirmed, after much deliberation: NB Pomodoro is not a chain.
3) New feature: The Week in Yelp. Yelpers, brace.
4) Tuttimelon fro-yo shop storms the Richmond. Peskin, curb thy jealously.
5) Healthcare on demand: restos charge cover to meet costs for all.
6) Dosa owner reminds diners "a wait-time quote is an inexact science." Noted.

[Video still of Alice Waters' appearance on Charlie Rose. Note radishes and pears.]