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Tiger Grottos: Now with 58% More Wall

Just over a month after The Tiger Attack Heard 'Round the World, The San Francisco Zoo has finished the first phase of improvements to their big cat grottos, with upgrades addressing the their most controversial design feature: wall height. The concrete moat walls — apparently easily cleared by a tiger at 12 1/2 feet — have been extended to the national minimum of 16.4 feet and lined with "hot wire," which will shock any cats that get too close the the new boundaries. With the inclusion of additional glazing and fencing, the wall stretches up to a formidable 19 feet. Extra-special security features include 30 foot high guard towers to monitor the big cats and ensure that no one tunnels out, and "the cooler," a small metal cube where disobedient tigers will kept, given only a baseball and a glove to pass the time.
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