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Trulia Ties Foreclosure to Super Tuesday

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Trulia has taken the podium, with marketing V.P. Heather delivering up a plate of political punditry with a side of market analysis. The formula: Foreclosure numbers for each Super Tuesday state (culled from Trulia analysis, natch) was divided by that state's population. The result: number of foreclosures per each 1,000 residents. Knowing the RE community's penchant for handy charts and graphs, Trulia then did a quick sketch-up of the fifteen states that took the hardest kick to the nether regions, and compared it to the vote outcomes in each state. Note that California comes out on top. Fun! Heather's analysis to follow.
Heather says:

· Of the seven Super Tuesday states that were hardest hit by increasing foreclosures there was no clear winner from either party. That could mean that none of the candidates have convinced voters that they’ll stave off a foreclosure cluster-mess, or that the real estate market isn’t driving electoral decisions. I tend to think it’s the latter.

· Even on normalized basis, the Golden State has more than 10x the number of foreclosures versus Massachusetts. No analysis here, but ouch. Oh, and Hillary won MA even without Teddy’s help. Double ouch.

· Southern states went for the southern baptist minister, regardless of where they are on the foreclosure spectrum. From Georgia (1.6 foreclosures per 1,000 people) to West Virginia (0.007 foreclosures per 1,000 people)?seems that social conservatism may trump economic uncertainty.

· Confessions of a recovering political hack [Trulia Blog]