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A Tale of Two Condos: A Case For Staging

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Here we have a nice third floor condo at 1920 Ocean Ave. Let's call it Exhibit A. The 801 sq ft 2 bedroom unit has been nicely upgraded with slick finishes and a "European Kitchen," which usually translate as "tiny but cool-looking," but here also includes the extra continental "perk" of a built-in espresso machine. It's well staged with choice furniture and a weird stick-sculpture thing in the bathroom, and looks to be professionally photographed. Although the location might leave something to desire, it seems pretty reasonable by SF standards with an asking price of $555,000.

Now onto exhibit B. In the same building, on the same floor, there's a larger unit for sale. Asking price: $499,000...

Despite the listing's vague claims of a "newer appliances," the 937 sq ft 2 bedroom looks like its never seen an upgrade, and even worse — there's no espresso machine in sight. The lack of staging and completely uninformative photographs make no effort to show-off the unit and do nothing to mitigate the overwhelming blandness of it all. There's a pretty strong case to be made here for upgrades and photography. Agents representing all the Exhibit B's,of the world, take note. Class dismissed.

· 1920 Ocean Ave #3A [MLS]
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