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The Vote: Up With Parks, Down With Peace

At last report, Proposition A was well on its way to being passed; the $185 million bond initiative aimed at providing the city's parks with the estimated $1.7 billion in total repairs according to a 2007 assessment. (Ok, we could barely finish typing that sentence— $1.7 billion? Really? Well then ...) $117.4 million will be divvied between parks and rec centers for facility upgrades and maintenance; $33.5M will provide for new parks along the Bay (rah rah Rincon Hill!), while every single freestanding restroom in the city will be replaced and a new ones added for a cool $11.4M. Trees will be planed, trails restored— utopia, people. Utopia.

Oh, and the Alcatraz Peace Center is out. A fair warning should be issued here, however: 28 percent of San Franciscans did, in fact, vote for this initiative. Twenty. Eight. Percent. You're killing us here, people. Killing us.
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