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Enter Sam Singer: Daly Sent to Heartbreak Hotel

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Noted: an uncanny similarity between Lennar Corp. mouthpiece Sam Singer's sneer and Elvis Presley's own legendary mug. It's this kind of uh, charm — or his way with words, at least— that no doubt prompted Singer's recruitment to the Dream Team charged with selling the— everyone now, in chorus— Hunters Point/ Candlestick Point development project to the masses. Today's flurry of counter-spin, surely engineered by Singer and delivered by Michael Cohen of the mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, characterized Daly's affordable housing initiative as a "deeply dishonest" enterprise that “will render the project completely infeasible.” Fact: It's going to take a hell of a lot more than 10,000 signatures for Daly's camp to take on this hunk of bureaucracy.
· Daly’s measure could ‘kill’ Bayview development [SF Examiner]