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SoMa NIMBY Makes Citizen's Arrest at Slim's, Eyes Roll Accordingly

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There's dramzzz in the hood over noise, and for once it's not North Beach. SoMa residents Jody and Kirby Watson are not down with Slim's, the long-venerated SF nightclub located at 11th and Harrison. Though others in the nabe ("the hipster with the too tight jeans" as SF Weekly's Joe Eskenazi calls one recent interviewee) swear that it's not so bad, the Watson's have taken their kvetch to court, entering legal mediation with Slim's over the issue. Paging the sound engineer! Acoustics expert Charles Salter has been recruited to make the call as to whether or not Slim's should install additional soundproofing material (and we're assuming that the old duct-tape-eggcrate-mattress-to-wall method won't suffice in this particular case). Says Slim's co-owner Dawn Holliday (curtly, no doubt): “They’re the only people who find it unbearable.” Blah, blah— usual neighborhood whining, right? Sure, until verifiable NIMBY Jody— their $800K- plus condo is now on the block— elected to perform a citizen's arrest on Slim's manager and two club employees back in December. Now just stop and imagine a (presumably cashmere-clad, yoga strap-toting) Watson storming her righteous ass across the street to break up the revelry. This is reality TV-type material passed off as petty politicsPlease.
· The Sound and the Fury: SF Weekly Examines the War Between Slim’s and Irate Neighbors Jodi and Kirby Watson [The Snitch]