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Pelli Clarke Pelli to Green the Embarcadero

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While the Transbay Terminal Tower is designed, redesigned, reviewed, and re-reviewed, architects Pelli Clark Pelli and developer Hines will have another San Francisco project to keep them busy. 110 The Embarcadero, as the project is currently known, is a 10-story tower aspiring for a LEED Platinum rating, an award that as never been given to an office building. The tower will wear its green heart on its sleeve, with a facade covered in a network of vines and planters, a kind of a natural echo of the green grid on the Mission Street JP Morgan Chase building (another Hines/Pelli Collaboration.) Despite its smaller scale and thoughtful design, we can't imagine that 110 The Embarcadero won't attract the ire of preservationists and traditionalist foodies alike— it will sit smack against the 1889 building that houses Boulevard restaurant, after all. 110 is planned for a 2013 opening — right around the time the Transbay Tower project should begin construction.
· A beautiful green building for Embarcadero [SF Gate]

[Images courtesy Pelli Clarke Pelli/ SF Gate]