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Marketing Math: Value Subtraction at The Greenwhich

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Memo The Greenwhich's marketing team: The Internets can be your friend— if you learn the rules of engagement. That's our best advice, following a few weeks' worth of quietly executed, yet not-so-subtle flubs on the development's website. A plugged-in SocketSiteer—term: coined— busted the development for having pulled its floor plans just minutes after SS alerted its readers to their release. The Greenwich's online presence is back up in running, but as a Curbed SF reader (Curbedite?) marveled this morning:

The new luxe condo pads in cow hollow—known as The Greenwich— have an interesting pitch on their web site. Check out the photo sections below. The Metro movie theater on Union Street is portrayed as a neighborhood amenity; however, that theater has been closed for a year, if not more. What an amenity! Addition, subtraction ...
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