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Rental Watch: The One Bedroom Breakdown

Every once in a while, Curbed SF checks in with the San Francisco rental market. And we do it the layman's way: by scouring Craigslist. In today's episode of Rental Watch, we decided to switch up our game. Rather than searching by price point, we elected to go for one-bedroom spots. We'll start spendy, and work our way down to earth.

What: 1 bedroom; den, balcony, and valet parking (bonus)
Where: Russian Hill
How much: $4,300
The Hard Sell: "Located high atop Russian Hill, in one of San Francisco’s most beautiful buildings, with a lobby bathed in marble and a spectacular crystal chandelier, you will love pulling up and having a uniformed doorman help you with your bags" [Ed note: No pics? This landlord obviously doesn't read Curbed SF.]

What: 1 bedroom; hardwood floors, closet space, views
Where: Pacific Heights
How much: $2,300
The Hard Sell: "stunning view of Lafayette park (which has tennis court) and SF city (sometimes you can see fireworks from the bay) ... it's such a great apartment!!"

What: 1 bedroom; office, on-site laundry cats OK
Where: Richmond
How much: $1650
The Hard Sell: "Plantation Shutters, EdenPure Heat, very CLEAN Building" Oh, and the paint job.