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The People Have Spoken!: Giants Win Seawall Lot 337

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Shock and Awe! Curbed readers have predicted that the Giants will win the bid for Seawall Lot 337. And while the Giants win is pretty much a nudge-nudge, wink-wink given all around, we were slightly surprised to see such a close margin between second and third place (especially following some of the vitriol we've found in the comment boxes!). The best of the worst:

· Guest: "I'm thinking Sidney Opera House. St. Louis Arch. Balbao Guggenheim. What a spectacular site. I'm seeing Cleveland. These all just look so uninspired."

· Guest: "Never trust Cordish to deliver anything but a suburban mall and an ESPNZone. Maybe a Hooters if we're lucky."

· Guest: Coloring book, or architectural rendering? You decide.

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