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That's Rather Hideous: Nothing for Something on Laidley Street

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That's Rather Hideous is the report filed by Curbed SF's own interior design vice squad. Spot an offender? File a complaint— or a compliment. Witness protection guaranteed. Note: As we don't employ a company sketch artist, digital photos are always appreciated.

Thanks to the reader who sent in this beauty. Behold the picturesque ruinous majesty of 197 Laidley Street. This property is in such bad shape that the seller actually mentions —empatically and repeatedly — that it is in very poor condition. For those brave enough to tour the property, be on the lookout for buckling floors, a leaky roof, and "lots of personal property". We can only assume the worst here. However, on the very dim bright side, there are the views (or in realtor parlance, the "**VIEWS**VIEWS**VIEWS****") for which you'll pay close to $1,000,000. Still interested? Call your architects now.

· 197 Laidley [MLS]