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Supes Block Wheelchair Riders, Taxpayers Pick Up Slack

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A ten foot-long wheelchair ramp in City Hall may cost $1,000,000. Wow...just wow. The Board of Supervisors president's bench needs to be made accessible, as that minor requirement was somehow ignored during the $300M renovation in the 90's. This tragicomedy has unfolded over many acts: Beginning in 2004, preservation architects Page and Turnbill designed 18 options, none of which inspired an actual decision. City Hall commissioned 3D computer models before finally selecting a design that requires lowering the desk, eliminating "historic "stairs, and making other costly renovations — including a new sound system. Add in thousands of dollars in fees, and taxpayers' pockets will be picked for over $1M. This goes to vote next week, but we're guessing Chris Daly is going to make a last-minute petition that the ramp consist of 65% affordable housing.
· Wheelchair ramp will cost $100,000 a foot [SF Gate]

[Image via The Chron]

San Francisco City Hall

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