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Seawall Lot 337 Review, Round 1: Build Inc., Cherokee Investment Partner, and UrbanGreen Devco LLC

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Most esteemed critics: Over the course of the day, we'll be breaking the SWL 337 proposals down for you one by one. Vote to follow? You bet. Democracy Now, people. Let's begin with the Build Inc., Cherokee Investment Partner, and UrbanGreen Devco LLC— quite an impressive team on board here, including golden child Stanley Saitowitz (take the jump for the entire all-star arch lineup).

Team: Build Inc., Cherokee Investment Partner, and UrbanGreen Devco LLC.

Topography: Seawall Lot 337 sits at a point of colliding grids; axes extend to subdivide rectilinear parcel into series of diverse, angled parcels. Small lanes, byways, and passages allow for ease of pedestrian use and maximizing building and water access, natural light.

Buildings: Variously sized parcels yield diversity in building sizes, types Attention to silhouette; tall, differentiated towers at center of site, surrounded by spiral of different buildings at varied heights. 50,000 square feet of contemporary art space, 70,000 square feet of artist studios, workshops, etc. Covered open market between two piers; enclosed entrance to civic space with restos/retail. Focus on "for sale" residential condos, with contingency plans for land swap, fractional interest, etc.

Density: Dense concentration in people, activities; variety of public spaces, uses.

Environment: Focus on "urban green"— public parks, courtyards, smaller spaces. Sustainable energy systems on-site, including wind and solar towers designed to conserve energy. 7 acres' worth of open public space including floating swimming pool. Strong connection to nature; pedestrian and cyclist "Blue Greenway" runs through the waterfront, connecting south to north.

Transportation: Focus on public transportation, pedestrian activity; 1800 parking spaces; secure bike parking along transportation lines.

Architecture Team:
Jon Worden, Jon Worden Architects
Jim Jennings, Jim Jennings Architecture
Stanley Saitowitz, Natoma Architects
Peter Pfau, Pfau Architecture
David Meckel, FAIA

Urban Planning and Design: John Kriken
Historical Preservation Architect: Christopher VerPlanck
Landscape Architects: CMG Landscape Architecture
Arts & Culture: Mark Johnson