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Seawall Lot 337 Review, Round 2: San Francisco Giants; The Cordish Company; Farallon Capital Management, LLC

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Most esteemed critics: Over the course of the day, we'll be breaking the SWL 337 proposals down for you one by one. Vote to follow? You bet. Democracy Now, people. On to sure shots highest rolling team, the San Francisco Giants; The Cordish Company; Farallon Capital Management, LLC. Love? Hate?

If we knew we were all but guaranteed this commission we'd phone it in with a 19-page proposal, too. (And include head shots of the 24 principals working on the project, while we were at it. Hell, why not?) The deets, in brief:

Team:: San Francisco Giants; The Cordish Company; Farallon Capital Management, LLC

Topography: Walkability key, as is the maintenance of views/sight lines. Residential units to rise above retail on north end, providing public space while making most of views. Residential also added along Third and between New East Street and Mission Rock Streets to connect area with Mission Bay. Parking provided in small clusters throughout; main glut of parking on Mission Rock, surrounded by residential/ retail. Sustainable landscape via collected storm water, storage and filtration system, etc.

Buildings: Plan: strike a sight line from the foot of Lefty O'Doul Bridge to the facade of Pier 48; hold all buildings south of that line. Scale and orientation of buildings aimed to frame and enable views of the Bay Bridge, Oakland, China Basin, etc. Views important to building design, whether on ground level or roof; buildings respond to "site forces."

Density: Design strategy includes patterns of street blocks that break into smaller, more easily walkable blocks based conceptually on notoriously walkable cities such as Portland.

Population: Plan claims the possibility of drawing 2,000-2,500 workers (bingo!) and 1,200-1,500 residents to the area.

Transportation: 2,650 parking spaces provided; pedestrianism encouraged.

Retail: 400,000 square feet
Music hall: 60,000 square feet
Event/ Flex Space: 100,000 square feet
Office Space: 790,000 square feet
Residential: 875 units

Architectural Team: SMWM, Beyer Blinder Belle, Hargreaves and Associates, Atelier Ten
Engineering/ Environmental firms: Rutherford & Chekene, Treadwell & Rollo, Ash Creek Associates
Builders: Hathaway Dinwiddle and Nibbi Brothers