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Seawall Lot 337 Review, Round 4: Boston Properties, INC; Wilson Meany Sullivan, LLC; Kenwood Investments LLC

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Most esteemed critics: Over the course of the day, we'll be breaking the SWL 337 proposals down for you one by one. Vote to follow? Natch. Last up is Boston Properties, INC; Wilson Meany Sullivan, LLC; Kenwood Investments LLC. Speak on it now, or forever hold your peace.

This proposal is, by far, the most vague of the lot. Conceptually speaking, there is a strong focus on the arts; attending rhetoric, present and accounted for. Now how about some nuts and bolts?

Team: Boston Properties, INC; Wilson Meany Sullivan, LLC; Kenwood Investments LLC

Topography: 5-plus acres of open space including outdoor performance spaces, art installations, walking paths, and wildlife habitats. "Gallery walk" planned along third street.

Buildings: New office, residential, retail, and arts-specific spaces; reuse of historical buildings as artists' studios, etc. 1,100 new rentals (20% affordable), stacked flat in the interest of density. Two 11-story office towers proposed with possibility for more. Open public space; individual streets considered in hierarchy of plans.

Focus on the Arts: Black Rock Arts Foundation will partner to program, fund, and support the arts. Berkeley artist Ned Kahn and landscape rock star Walter Hood on board to create aesthetically pleasing space.

Community: Partnership with the San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council, the City, and other community organizations to create employment opportunities that comply with prevailing wage requirements and Union hiring policies. Construction by local craft unions.

Transportation: Third Street rail line will be the "spine" of Lot 337. Program of "shared parking" between Giants fans and other plebes.

Consultant team:

• WRT/Solomon (San Francisco), land use designer,
• CMG (San Francisco) and Walter Hood Architects (Berkeley),
landscape and open space architects,
• Webcor Builders (San Francisco), construction,
• BKF Civil Engineers (San Francisco), civil engineering,
• ENGEO (San Francisco), geotechnical engineers,
• Page & Turnbull (San Francisco) historic architects,
• Erler & Kalinowski, Inc. (Oakland), hazardous materials remediation,
• The Black Rock Arts Foundation (San Francisco), artist community consultant,
• Ned Kahn (Sonoma), environmental art,
• Neil Sekhri, Esq., Gibson Dunn & Crutcher (San Francisco), attorney for environmental compliance and regulatory advice, and
• Jean Rogers, ARUP (San Francisco), sustainability advisor.