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Academy of Art Bails on Flower Mart Plan

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The Academy of Artkeeps backpedaling on their planned takeover of SoMa's Flower Mart . An initial plan, called "unworkable" by critics, allowed most existing tenants to stay, but required that they relocate to another part of the building. Now it appears that the scholastic real estate barons are poised to forget the whole thing and leave the flower mart behind...pending certain conditions, of course. If the city eases zoning restrictions in other parts of the city where the Academy owns property, they'll forget all about the Flower Mart. Very tricky Academy, very tricky... Seems like a pretty good deal — maybe this whole thing was a just a postural power play to gain retroactive absolution from all those alleged zoning violations. With the SF Flower Mart safe (for now), we only have to worry about new proposals for potential high rise temples of education.
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