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Seawall Lot 337 Proposals Revealed

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The Port of San Francisco has released a full reveal of the proposed designs for China Basin Seawall Lot 337. We've parsed out the best from the following developer's submissions; you'll find the deets listed below each photo in the gallery above. Additional information on each plan (because there's lots of it, believe us) may be found on the Port of San Francisco's website, where those interested in reading 75-page proposals may download them as such. Now go at it! You first; we'll weigh in later.

1) Build Inc.; Cherokee Investment Partners; UrbanGreen Devco, LLC
2) Federal Development, LLC; Lehman Brothers; Construction Management and Development, Inc.
3) Kenwood Investments, LLC; Boston Properties Inc.; Wilson Meany Sullivan, LLC
4) San Francisco Giants; The Cordish Company; Farallon Capital Management, LLC

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