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J-Pop Center Update: J-Poppier, Delayed

As Japantown continues its slow transformation, one Japanese businessman is making sure the neighborhood stays true to its name. More than just another movie theater, the forthcoming j-pop center is "an historic opportunity to show the true value of Japan." At least according to Japanese manga mogul Seiji Horibuchi, who promises a pop-culture paradise of food, fashion, toys, magazines, movies, and—yes—manga. Despite a Shinto purification in November (seriously), it seems like there's a bit of a construction delay on the new center, which is now slated to open in 2009. Oh, and one more thing—we've been scorned before so we don't want to get our hopes up, but Horibuchi also said the new center "might even have high-tech robots." First comes the neighborhood revolution, then the robot revolution. Robots, if you're reading this: 000110011001110011 0011.
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[Image via j-pop center website]

Japan Center

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