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That's Rather Lovely: Finding Zen in Noe Valley

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Believe it or not, we do think that some homes are very pretty. That's Rather Lovely, the nice twin of That's Rather Hideous, highlights clever decisions in interior design as revealed in listing photos and such. Have a nominee? Shout it out, loud and proud.

Looking for a quiet place for meditation but love throwing raucous wine-fueled dinner parties? The modestly moddish exterior of 1420 Douglass Street in Noe Valley hides a cozy yet contemporary interior space that's perfect for impressing your friends—assuming, of course, you have friends to impress But it's the back garden that really exploded our tranquil Friday morning universe—transcend the worries of the everyday (and the $2.095 million you just paid) in the midst of carefully composed geometric bliss. Elevate your consciousness amongst the natural materials and assiduously selected flora. Or just hang out and have a beer. Totally up to you.
· 1420 Douglass [MLS]