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Bike Share Bikes Unveiled, Program Still Looking for Flatter City

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When San Francisco's mythical bike plan comes to pass — assuming the forthcoming environmental impact report doesn't indefinitely shelve the project — your urban commute could change forever; hopefully for the better. Similar to those in many European cities, the bike-share plan took a baby step forward yesterday when the MTA board of directors reviewed a prototype Smart Bike (right). The potentially ubiquitous Smart Bikes could make the city easier to navigate for many, although supporters of the plan think it will be, get this, most successful in the city's flatter neighborhoods — namely around the Embarcadero, SoMa, and Mission areas. Which reminds us to remind you: if you don't want to have to justify your non-participation in this absurdity when it becomes de rigueur, it's time to move to someplace hillier.
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[Image via Washcycle]