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On The Market: James Lick Bath House

James Lick was quite the visionary. Not only was he responsible for bringing Ghiradelli to San Francisco, but he also wanted to honor himself by building—in downtown San Francisco, no less—a pyramid larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza. Perhaps it's for the best that that particular wonder wasn't realized, but regardless, one of the Lick family's smaller monuments is newly up for grabs. Namely, the 1885 James Lick Bath House, which has hit the market priced at $3.9 million. Chopped up Renovated in 1979, the designated landmark is now a "high end office building" that's 49% occupied, so any plans one might have of starting a bath house renaissance on the site will have to be postponed. Click through the photogallery for all the exposed brick glory.
· 165 10th St. [MLS]
· $3900000 High-End Office Building For Sale [Craigslist]