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Paved With Good Intentions: Octavia Boulevard

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Four lots along Octavia Boulevard still stand vacant more than a year after they were awarded to teams of architects and developers. Design quality— always subjective, always contentious in San Francisco — was an important factor in deciding what would occupy these relatively tiny pieces of the so-called "Market-Octavia Plan." To refresh your memories, schemes from Oakland firm Envelope A+D were selected for two of the four sites, another sleek contemporary Stanley Saitowitz design is planned for the third site, and the fourth and largest site was awarded to a twelve building project designed by architectural collaborative, Build Inc. Since this was all approved over a year ago, you'd think that some signs of construction would be found along Octavia Boulevard. Wrong. With activists and supervisors still dissatisfied with the plan, it goes back to committee this week, and the winning teams will keep their plans on hold until decisions have been (re)reached and (re)finalized. For now, we're just hoping that we don't have to re-publish this post a year from now.
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[images via the Chron and Stanley Saitowitz]

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432 Octavia Boulevard, San Francisco, CA