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Shut Down: Commissioners Oppose Chain Bans

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File this one under "Quintessentially San Francisco." The planning commission has come out en force against the city's ban on commercial development— namely, of the chains store variety— along major business corridors in the Mission and Bernal Heights. Hayes Valley put the freeze on such development in 2004, North Beach in 2005, and in 2006 San Franciscans joined forces to build an obstacle course for chain stores also known as Proposition G. As for the Mission, we all know Supe Tom Ammiano's Mission-as-Mall-of-America party line. Hello! says the Mission Merchant Association which opposes the legislation; at a recent meeting on the subject, V.P. Anita Correa warned that the ban could produce a veritable retail ghost town in the Mish. The city Planning Commission says that they'll have much less to work with in terms of flexibility, and that nabe services could decrease. It should be noted that Ammiano has caved, if only in theory. Chain stores may now move to the Mission— but only if they replace preexisting chains. Western Union, you're our only hope.
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