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Kuletoville: Beauty or Blight on Rincon Hill

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Since day one, brother Eater has been following the rise of the Kuletoville, restaurateur Pat Kuleto's Rincon Hill new mini-empire (and site of the now-legendary taxi driver free lunch shill). Gig's up: restos Waterbar and Epic Roast House are open for biz— and scrutiny. Enter one Chron critic John King, who has delivered a pointed— dare we say scathing— critique of the two buildings, calling them "theatrical extravaganzas" and "stage sets ... dropped on a landscape that doesn't need to be gussied up." Everything is "choreographed" claims King, who predicts that the shock of the new will fade fast, as it is wont to do. Is Kuletoville any more ostentatious than other similarly well-endowed projects in the city? We'd venture a firm "no." And in Rincon Hill, home to One Rincon Hill for fuck's sake. As for the neighbors: Rincon Hill, winner of the 2007 Curbed "Good Hood" Award, appears to be extraordinarily functional— scarily so, even. With folks gathering around the campfire to organize get-togethers and nabe beautification projects, we picture a lot of overly-excited adults jumping around Kuletoville like kids on Christmas. Are we, in fact, wrong in our impression? Yeah or nay, Rincon Hill?
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[Please note: the second photo in this set does, in fact, feature a large hunk of uncooked animal flesh chillin' on the Waterbar patio. Nice.]