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Gavin Delivers Vagaries on City Shelters

This morning, Gavs and the press core commandeered the Multi-Service Center South, one of there largest homeless shelters in the city. The occasion was an low-on-details announcement from our crusading mayor that two area shelters, including MSC South, were to be reprogrammed and redesigned to integrate Project Homeless Connect (not to be confused with Project Runway) into two San Francisco shelters. Currently that outreach program occurs only once every six weeks. This is the next step in "re-envisioning" the city's shelters. The step after that? Getting rid of all other city shelters, of course. The Mayor is finally going to eradicate homelessness. For real this time— seriously. "Eventually," said the mayor, "I can’t wait until these are the only two shelters remaining in the city and every single other one of them is shut down." Why wait for eventually? There's already one design in but it's not too late to convert SWL 337 into an affordable Mecca, right?
· Mayor Announces Nothing [SFBG Blog]

[image courtesy SFBG]