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That's Rather Hideous: Optical Illusion on Oak Park Drive

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That's Rather Hideous is the report filed by Curbed SF's own interior design vice squad. Spot an offender? File a complaint— or a compliment. Witness protection guaranteed. Note: As we don't employ a company sketch artist, digital photos are always appreciated.

We're stumped. We think this is hideous, but it's hard to tell what the hell it is. It's damn gaudy, we know that much, but is that a doorway behind a table? Is it an antique mirror behind the chandelier, dividing the "masterful formal dining room" from the living room? Maybe — it does look like there's another one against the wall. Could be a mirror collector, which is a little weird, but still better than medieval weaponry. Oh, and where are the doilies and ornate candy dishes?
· $1199000 Beautifully remodeled large 3bed/3bath home [Craigslist]